the ask@AAR: What’s your favorite romance featuring musicians?

Even before COVID-19, I worked at home. I’d get the kids ready and to school, wave my husband off to work, walk the dog and then settle down with my laptop. Many days, around ten, I’d realize the silence was bumming me out, and I’d turn on tunes. For me, music is a basic mental health need. Every day, I listen to at least an hour, from all genres and eras. I sing in the shower, the kitchen, and while exercising. For me, musicians are akin to benevolent gods.

And yet, I haven’t read that many romances I love that feature them as leads. Caz pulled together a great post on musician based romances a few years ago and I’ve read some of some of the ones she listed:  VIP series, the Rock Kiss series, the Stage Dive series, and the Rock Star series. None of them have stayed with me.

My favorite book featuring a musician is Jenny Holiday’s Famous which I adore past all reason. (It helps I think Taylor is the Madonna of our era.)

What’s yours? And why?

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