Between the coronavirus, the election, the stock market, and putting our house on the market (last kids moved out and we are downsizing big time), I am frazzled. I take more baths, listen to music that brings me joy, and refuse to watch anything depressing. And, of course, I read books that soothe my soul. My bandwidth, at the end of the day–which is when I read–is limited right now and I’ve been struggling to read anything new. Instead, I’ve been pulling out the old, the familiar, and the much loved. I’ve recently reread Eloisa James’ Three Weeks with Lady X, Jenny Holiday’s Famous, and Kathleen O’Reilly’s Sex Straight Up, three of my favorite comfort reads. Tonight, I’m thinking I’ll page through Caroline Linden’s Love and Other Scandals.

What do you pull out when you need that perfect comfort read? And why?

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