Peeps–my kids are driving me just a little bit nuts. Two of my adult children are temporarily living with us in our three bedroom condo–and one of them has an extremely energetic dog. And while both are, in general, lovely young men, it’s abundantly clear to me that parents in their 60s should not share living quarters with their 20 something children. I confess I’ve found myself occasionally dreaming about all those Regency heroes who were forced out of their homes by stern fathers for… reasons.

Now I since I don’t really want to toss my sons out on the street and they’ll both–if all goes to plan–be gone in a few months–I instead have been trying various techniques to get them to, oh, empty the dishwasher without being asked. I’ve tried tough love, cajoling, cheerleading, and compilations of all three. All with varying and inconsistent levels of success.

I think I could use some good parenting examples. I am particularly interested in parents who have to deal with challenges–not just those who love like Violet Bridgerton. So, who are the stellar parents in romance? What makes them so wonderful? And do you think the techniques they use could be applied today?

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