One of the great things about all those Bridgertons–besides more fodder for Netflix seasons–is that Violet and her children are a fun brood to read about/watch. One of my favorite things on the show is watching Gregory and Hyacinth amuse and torment one another. It’s almost as much fun as taking in the elder four’s endless arch banter.

But families in romance are tricky. If they’re too big and have too many offshoots, one finds oneself constantly trying to remember whose cousin is Lord Winchilsea while reading about Jemima and Josiah’s big mis or having no idea which steely great aunt Dodo the adorable blue and brown eyed spaniel belongs to.

I’m not sure I could pick a favorite. I adore the family that is Marguerite, Doyle, and Severine– who is also Justine’s sister and heart. I never tire of the Redmond siblings’ competitiveness. The Hathaways‘ bond is lovely. Everyone loves the Winstons!

How about you? Who is your favorite family in romance?

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