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Dear fellow romance enthusiasts,

Every day, thousands flock to All About Romance (AAR) to immerse themselves in the world of romance novels, engaging in reading reviews, checking out blogs, and having discussions with fellow romance lovers. Since 1998, AAR has been the site for this vibrant community, offering a treasure trove of reviews, blogs, author interviews, and much more.

However, the landscape has shifted. The past five years have seen a decline in revenue from book sales and from our Amazon affiliate program. As a result, your support has become indispensable to sustain our platform. Your contributions have become our lifeline, enabling us, each month, to pay our hosting fees and our tech team so that the site is always up and always runs smoothly.

Gone are the days when book sales and affiliate programs could solely sustain us. Your donations now form the backbone of our financial stability. They directly impact our ability to deliver the daily reviews and blogs we publish here each day.

Would you consider supporting us with a monthly donation of ten dollars? Of course, any amount is greatly appreciated and contributes significantly to our cause.

We are a volunteer-driven platform, and every donation is directed solely toward maintaining this site. Your generosity not only keeps our doors open but also ensures that we remain a vital resource for romance enthusiasts worldwide.

To continue providing the reviews, blogs, and interviews you love, we need your help. Your donations are not just contributions; they are investments in preserving AAR and our shared passion for romance literature. Please consider supporting us with an ongoing monthly donation to ensure that our site remains a thriving space for romance readers everywhere.

Join us in keeping the flame of romance literature alive. Your donation matters more than ever.

You can donate here using PayPal. We also take Zelle (All About Romance) and Venmo @allaboutromance. (I think these will work–if you have a problem, email me at dabneygrinnan at

Thank you for your support–our readers are the reason we do what we do.

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