the ask@ARR: What do we think about Lisa Kleypas?

AAR has reviewed Lisa Kleypas 41 times. We’ve given her twelve DIKs, the last of which was for Devil in Disguise in 2021. The lowest grade she’s ever received here is a sole C in not one but two reviews of Stranger in My Arms. She’s sold millions of books and before Netflix’s Bridgerton, Kleypas might have been the most famous living historical romance author.

Kleypas hasn’t written anything since 2021 although she has released updated versions of her Wallflower books. (Is the Ravenels series finished? Anyone know?) Do you miss her? And if you’re a Kleypas fan, what do feel are her best books? Why? Do you think her work holds up? If you were to recommend just one of her books to a romance reader, what would it be? (My choice: the original version of It Happened One Autumn.) Do you think her work is singular or do you think her stories are similar to others you’ve read?

Thanks to nblibgirl who suggested this as an Ask topic! It’s a good one!

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