Greetings from a small island off the coast of Maine, my family’s Summer Vacation 2010.  I knew the island would be small and, well, quaint, but I wasn’t quite prepared for it.  Directional signs follow the lines of, “Keep right past the Church, walk for 3 more minutes.”  There’s one general store and one restaurant, no street signs, and a Mail Boat comes every two hours to bring you to mainland.  I love it here.

Life is much slower.  I wake up late, have breakfast, take a walk, come home to read or nap, have supper, read some more, and go to bed.  There are lots of beaches and forests to explore, and the island is small enough that you can walk from one end to the other in about twenty minutes.  The house we’re staying at is old and beautiful, with mismatched old wood furniture and flea-market treasures, with colorful walls and and a wrap-around porch that comes with a tailless cat (hence dubbed “Stubbs”).  The island has a beautiful  natural look, with gardens of wildflowers without strict borders and weathered wood porches and fences and garden structures.

My vacation isn’t even half over, and I’m already dreading leaving.  There’s something magical about Little Cranberry Island, and I hope to come back soon.

PS- Photo credit goes to my brother, who is a braver soul than me and woke up for the sunrise the other morning.

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