My kitchen is pretty well stocked of small appliances.  We have a toaster, a water heater, and a Magic Bullet.  We even have a mini-fridge, a left-over of dormitory living.  What we don’t have is a microwave.

When we first moved in to our new apartment about a month and a half ago, it was on our list of “Things to Get.”  As time passed, though, it slipped further and further down our to-do list.  While we wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to get one, it has slid so far down our priority list, we have no plans to get one.

I’m young enough that I’ve always had a microwave.  I’m not sure when they became ubiquitous, but it was before I was born; I don’t ever remember not having one.  (What I do remember, painfully, is one Father’s Day trying to microwave something in a saucepan– I guess no one ever told me not to put metal in the microwave.  Learned that one the hard way.)  I enjoy cooking, but now it’s a necessity to heat the stove.  Leftovers, of which I eat a lot, have to be reheated in a double boiler or in the oven.  Another hard-learned lesson:  Don’t reheat things in a dirty pan.  I didn’t bother to remove the meatloaf from its original pan, and after two or three re-heats the bits left behind had burned to a crisp.

It makes food and eating a bit of a slower process.  There’s no EasyMac option; if I’m having mac and cheese, it’s from a box.  Ovens have to preheat.  Double-boilers have to boil (and I have to make sure things don’t burn).  Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly lazy, I eat things cold.  This is the least appetizing option.

Still, though, we’re managing.  It makes me wonder what other modern conveniences I could live without.  What do you think?

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