If you watch The Office but haven’t seen the finale yet, stop reading.

It’s been almost a week, but I’m still freaking out about how the fifth season ended on Thursday night.  The Office is the only show I watch, but what I lack in diversity I make up for in enthusiasm.  I’ve probably watched the last minute and a half of the episode five times.

I’m sure we all love Jim and Pam– and how perfect was that ending?  As soon as the nurse asked Pam all of those pre-X-ray questions, I knew.  I’m sure it would have been amusing to see me as I watched.  I think I literally threw my arms in the air and squealed.  John Krasinski is just so wonderful– his reaction was so sweet, so charmingly natural, so perfect. I cannot wait to see where things go with this.

However, there were some other good things in addition to Pam and Jim’s news.  I love where the episode left Michael and Holly’s story.  And I think the way Dwight defended Angela has some interesting potential.  However, as great as those moments were, I still just cannot get over that last minute and a half… absolute perfection.  I can’t wait until next season.

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