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The Oscars


It may be silly, but I really love awards shows– especially the Awards Show of All Awards Shows, the Oscars.  I hardly ever see many of the nominated movies (I think this year I’ve seen Inception and Black Swan… and that’s pretty much it), but there’s something so uplifting about seeing these men and women at one of the best moments of their lives.  Whenever I watch older speeches — like Tom Hanks’ for winning in Philadelphia, or Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball — I admit it, I tear up sometimes.

I’m excited for this year’s show, airing on Sunday evening.  What will they wear?  Who will win?  What sort of surprises are in store?  How do Anne Hathaway and James Franco do with their unconventional hosting gig?  And will Banksy show up?  I have high hopes for this year’s show.  I fully expect laughs, tears, and gasps.  And for someone to show up wearing a really, really ugly dress.

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