Yes, I’m on a new food quest. This time, I’m looking for the perfect glass of chocolate milk. Not hot chocolate, mind you (that will come next winter, I’m sure), but cold chocolate milk.

About a month ago, I developed a craving for chocolate milk. I figure there are worse things I could crave, so headed out to the store to pick up some ready-made chocolate milk. Yuck! The store-brand I bought just didn’t taste appealing at all, and went down the drain.

The next day, I headed back to the store to look for syrups or powders that could be added to milk. There are an incredible number of hot chocolate mixes one can purchase, but nowhere near the number of things to put in cold milk.

So far, I’ve tried Hershey’s syrup (okay, but not great), Ghirardelli’s sweet ground chocolate (a bit too chocolatey for me), Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate (absolutely yummy, but had to buy online and was pricey), and Ovaltine classic malt mix.

So far, for me, the Ovaltine classic malt mix is the winner. It’s relatively inexpensive, has some vitamins added in, and mixes very quickly into the milk. (I have to add the other powders to a bit of hot water first, and turn them into a syrup before adding them to milk.) I like the taste of the Ovaltine, as it reminds me a bit of old fashioned malted milk shakes. However, it’s not perfect.

Do any of you like chocolate milk? If so, what’s your secret to great chocolate milk?

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