regenFor my trip to England later this month, I find myself in need of a coat. I got a lovely weatherproof, knee-length quilted coat which I wear on my bike all winter, but alas this will probably, hopefully be far too warm for late April in Cornwall. So now I am looking for a knee-length weatherproof coat that is thinner without being downright flimsy, perfect for spring and autumn, and those really rainy, cold summer days.

So far, I have been to two outdoor clothing shops, but the matter is less simple than I thought. For one thing, coats seem appear to be only little in demand, so most stores stock only a few of them. Of these, the majority are not in my size (other, more savvy customers seem to have picked up theirs in January, or February at the latest). Or they are black, which I cannot wear. None are in a bright, spring-like color.

Yet I do not dare order online, as the sizes of those that I tried on and that fit me vary wildly – between three different sizes so far. I have taken notes on specific coats that fit me and which size they were, even if I disliked the color – but I have no way to find out the right size of all the other coats that were not available in the shops.

My strategy now is to visit some more shops, and try on many more coats. I have found one I quite liked (by Tatonka), but it was in a particularly depressing olive. Should I try it again, I definitely must bring some bright scarves!

What do you wear for possibly rainy days in spring and autumn? Is there a brand in weatherproof coats that you can particularly recommend? And is it really a good idea not to take the quilted coat to Cornwall in late April?

– Rike Horstmann

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