When the weather turns cold, I begin to crave comfort foods. Salads and fresh veggies just seem to lose their appeal the lower the temperature drops. I want warm. I want gooey. I want grilled cheese sandwiches.

Yes, I know, not exactly the healthiest thing to eat when fixed the way many moms used to make them. You know what I mean: white bread, processed American cheese, grilled in lots and lots of butter. So, while I want the basic taste, I’m gradually trying to adapt mine to a healthier concoction, while still satisfying that basic craving.

First off, I make mine with whole grain bread, adding in lots of fiber and nutrients. Next, I like to mix up the types of cheeses that I use. As a basic, I’ll use either shredded, low fat mozzarella or low fat four-cheese mix. Both melt quite nicely. To add a bit more taste, I may sprinkle in a bit of feta or Parmesan cheese on top of that.

Next, I like to add something else to the cheese. My favorite addition is sliced green olives, but they really add no nutritional value to the mix. I also like to add sliced tomatoes, but I have to be careful with these, or they can make the sandwich too runny. I’ve tried adding roasted red peppers, but they weren’t a big favorite.

Finally, most times when I make it, I’ll cook it in my toaster oven, to completely eliminate the added fat (and added yumminess, of course) that comes from grilling it in butter.

At the moment, this is my breakfast each morning, so I’m really looking for other suggestions of things to add. Any ideas?

How about you? Is there some food you find yourself craving when the weather turns icy cold?

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