As a college student/recent grad in the city, craigslist is pretty much the only way to get furniture.  Buying furniture is pretty easy– you email someone, and if it’s still available you set up a meet and you pick it up.  Selling it, though, is another matter.

It wasn’t until I was trying to sell several pieces of furniture a month ago that I realized how flaky people can be.  More than once, people would just stop emailing me mid-arrangement.  They would cancel meetups half an hour before they were supposed to show up.  They wouldn’t show up at all.  They would show up, and then decide not to buy it.  Or, once, they would bring it home, realize it didn’t fit, and call me asking to return it.

It is frustrating, to be sure.  I used to feel guilty about choosing one person over another, but now I’m ruthless.  If your email isn’t in full sentences or grammatically correct, I’m not responding.  If you are ambivalent about pick up time, I’m offering it to someone else.  If you don’t respond in a timely manner, you’re not getting it.

Do you have any craigslist horror (or success) stories?

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