The Wayback on Wednesday: Riffs on Political Correctness

originally published in August of 2000 

This feature grew out of Laurie Gold’s 1997 review of a 1997 romance, A Well Pleasured Lady by Christina Dodd, and a subsequent column she wrote about it and other issues related to Political Correctness.

A quickie from Judith Ivory/Judy Cuevas – about politically correct writing (August 1997)

A quickie from Patricia Gaffney – about politically correct writing (August 1997)

A quickie from Kathleen Eagle – about fiction versus real life (August 1997)

A quickie from Lisa Kleypas – on forced seduction (August 1997)

A quickie from Jo Beverley – her response to some Quickies (August 1997)

A quickie from Sharon Curtis – on sexuality in romance (September 1997)

Paula Detmer Rigg’s Write Byte on writing taboo subjects (October 1997)

Kathleen Eagle’s Quickie on “Indian” P.C.

Cynthia Sterling’s Historical Cheat Sheet quickie on historically accurate writing (1999)

Sabrina Jeffries on historically accurate writing (January 2000)

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