South Africa Soccer WCup Final Netherlands Spain… and I’m trying to catch my breath. First of all, congratulations to the marvellous Spanish team!!!

At the same time, I am very proud of the German team. Even though they didn’t make the final, they played some excellent soccer and gave their audiences a lot of enjoyment. Nobody got seriously hurt, and with the present national team, watching the next matches on TV (be they friendly or qualifying games) promises to be huge fun. My one regret is that probably several players are bound to leave the Bundesliga, which means I won’t get to see them on a regular basis anymore.

Second, so much of my life lay dormant during the last month due to watching TV extensively that it will take some effort now to catch up. My desk is a mess. There are a number of friends I need to call quite urgently (not that they would have thanked me to call them right in the middle of a match …). There is a heap of romance novels waiting to be read.

On the bright side: I did get a huge amount of darning done during the more boring games. And my husband and I both bet on the outcomes of the individual games, with me scoring 8 points more than he did. Which means he must take me out for a nice dinner.

Are any of you ever so wrapped up in a sports tournament that you put your life on hold as I did during the last month?

– Rike Horstmann