There’s a new AAR coming in 2015!

2015.pngSometime in the next six months, AAR will change in some significant ways. It is time for us to update our software platform and we are leaning strongly to switching to a WordPress based site. We hope this will accomplish a whole host of great things including but not limited to faster loads, more interactive content, and a cleaner interface. That day is still far off in the future and in order to get to where we want to be–the best romance novel focused site on the Web!–we will be asking for input.

No input matters more than that of our readers–although that of our staff is an extremely close second. So today we’re asking you: What do you love most about AAR? What would you like to see us do differently? What features do you think are a must-keep? Are there those you think are a must-go? What do you wish we would consider doing? What would you loathe for us to contemplate?

We’ll be asking these questions several times as we begin to work with a designer and we’re genuinely interested in your constructive feedback, no matter how minute. Please feel free to offer your insights in the comment stream below or, if there’s an idea you’d prefer not to share with the masses, please email Dabney directly at

We are excited for 2015 and we hope you are too!

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