VM50816-04I remember when I learned music in school, my teachers drew stave lines on the blackboard with a handy little wire gadget in which you insert five pieces of chalk, parallel to each other, and hey presto!  5 parallel lines = music stave.

But times have changed.  And now we use whiteboards instead of blackboards. And no one has a handy little wire gadget that holds whiteboard markers instead of chalk.  Which means I have to draw them by hand because metre sticks have gone out. And it’s messy. Which offends my sensibilities.

Of course, if I had unlimited budget and a very short wishlist for next year I could look like that lady at the top and buy one of those boards that have permanent staves, except bigger.  But I don’t have unlimited budget and my priority wishlist is looooooooong and my classroom is small and that’s just not in the cards.

They need to bring those wire thingies back.  Sometimes, simple was it.

What would you bring back if you could?

– Jean AAR

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I live in Seattle, Washington and work as a legal assistant. I remember learning to read (comic strips) at a young age and nowadays try to read about 5-6 books a week. I love to travel, especially to Europe, and enjoy exploring smaller towns off the tourist track though London is my favorite city in the world.