12 angry menOut of respect for a co-worker, I had to do something yesterday that I didn’t want to do.  No one does.  Because of the nature of the event, going was the right thing to do and the only option and I’m proud that I participated.  When I got home from the event, I found a summons for jury duty in my mailbox – something else I don’t have a choice about.  To be honest I don’t mind the jury duty, but the summons is for the week of pre-planning and the first few days of school.  There is nothing worse than missing the first few days of school in terms of establishing a routine for students.  If the notice had come for another time, then I wouldn’t mind. 

Both of these events made me think of all the things that I have to do that I don’t really want to do.  For example, I have to clean out the chest of drawers in both of my sons’ rooms.  It’s got to be done this week -maybe.  I’d almost rather have all the hair hot waxed off my body instead of clean out those drawers.  However, they grow so fast and the drawers are to the point that you have to struggle to close them.  I also hate to take my car in to get serviced or the tires checked.  Many times I’m the only female around and I’m totally out of my element.  When they tell me something about the car, it’s completely Greek to me and I have to call my husband, which makes me feel dependent.  I hate that for some reason.  The last thing I’ll mention that I hate to do is wash my car.  I could pay to have it done, but then I feel like I’m wasting money because there’s no reason I can’t do it.  The one good thing that comes out of the occasional water-ban is that I don’t have to wash it.  During those times, I can drive around with my  dusty car and feel proud that I so consciously following the water ban. 

Now it your turn to share if you’d like.  What are the things that you hate to do and how do you try to get out of doing them?

–AAR Heather

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