The Hulk was too green. Wolverine was just too brooding (and hairy). And Archie? Well, despite the fierce (and inexplicable) competition raging between Betty and rich uber-bitch Veronica, I thought he was a geek.

In my little girl world, it all began and ended with blonde god Thor, a classic Stan Lee angst-ridden hero.  Thor was a Norse god turned by his father Odin into a human medical student in order to teach him humility. At first Thor has no memory of his life as a god and he becomes a gifted surgeon. Until he finds his mystical Thor superhero hammer and discovers his alter ego – thus beginning his dual life as super surgeon and avenging god hero.

For years I avidly followed the comics as Thor kicked butt and fought his evil brother, all the while enjoying in a completely clueless way the power of my little girl juices flowing – arguably for the very first time. As a guy I know once said about his reaction to Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel, the feelings Thor inspired were very powerful. I just didn’t know what they were.

Flash forward to today.  Despite the fact that I’ve mercilessly teased a close friend ever since she revealed that Speed Racer was her first crush (without confessing my own comic book love, I might add), I’ve always known that Thor was my original. And, hey, little girl Sandy had good taste.  He was hot. He was blonde. He was good. He beat the bad guys. And, most important of all, as a comic book character, he was totally and completely unattainable – and, thus, safe, a necessary requirement for little girl crushes.

Goofing off on the Internet recently, I discovered something that brought all those Thor memories back – this time with big girl juices flowing. It seems that a movie is in the works (finally!) with the talented Kenneth Branagh set to direct. But, and this is where it gets really good, Alexander Skarsgard – yes, he of the to-die-for Eric the vampire – is rumored to be cast as Thor.

Holy crap. My big girl juices are flowing in a gushing river.  Only this time I know what they are.

I won’t wax on the beauties, charm, and intelligence of the Swedish actor because anybody who watched True Blood already knows them.  But he is totally freakin’ perfect to embody my Thor and if this one gets stuck in turn-around or other Hollywood hell, you may color me freakishy disappointed.

So, yep, a comic book superhero fulfilled all my little girl fantasies. But, despite the perfection of Skarsgard for the role, am I doomed to disappointment because nothing can live up to my own particular brand of fantasy? Movies are huge collaborative efforts between writers, producers, directors, actors, and editors and fantasies are…well, very personal, aren’t they?

But whether or not the movie gets made or Skarsgard lives up to my idea of Thor (he does a damn fine job with Eric, so I’m hopeful), I’ll always have fond memories of sitting in the summer sun with my dog and my Thor. Good times!

And, speaking of good times, don’t we all have a particular soft spot for the ones who do it for us first – be they real or, in my case, a comic creation?

So, here’s the question:  ‘fess up and tell the world (or at least this little AAR blog corner of it) the first guy – real or fictional – who got your little girl juices flowing.  And if you’d like to confess your big girl crushes as well, hey, let’s talk hot guys!

For me?  George Clooney (a long-time favorite), Jon Hamm, Jack (the character, as opposed to Matthew Fox), Bret and Jemaine, and Alexander Skarsgard (a relatively new addition) are all at the top of my 2009 crush list.

What about you?

-Sandy AAR

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