Have you had one of those oops moments lately? You know the ones I mean. One of those times when you wished you hadn’t left the house in quite the condition you did. Well I had one yesterday.

I was feeling quite pleased with myself as I drove home after spending several hours running errands all over town. In the process of my errands, I went into the library, stopped at a drugstore, went to the grocery store, and hit several other stores.

Then, I happened to brush my hand through the back of my hair, and felt a huge, sticky glob. A quick check revealed that it was toothpaste, and lots of it, spread over a large bunch of hair, matted together and sticking straight out. Now I know I brushed my hair as I was getting ready to leave home. But apparently in the process of brushing my teeth, I managed to somehow get a bunch of toothpaste on my hand, and rub it into my hair. Yuck!

I don’t think I saw anyone that I know…at least I hope I didn’t. So, all in all, not too bad of an episode. Definitely not as bad as my high school goof of wearing shoes from two different pairs (and drastically different colors), and not noticing it until school was nearly out. And even that pales in comparison to this classic goof from Designing Women.

Have you had any of those oops moments lately?