time My watch broke recently. Since I’ve been known to actually sleep with it on, I thought I’d be utterly lost without it. However, over a month has passed and I now find myself in no hurry to replace it.

If I REALLY need to see what time it is, there’s usually a clock around somewhere. Well, we do have a courthouse in the area that feels compelled to have broken clocks with all manner of incorrect times but otherwise it’s not a problem. Without constantly checking my watch, I find myself developing a much stronger internal sense of time. It’s even carrying over at home – I’ve started getting up on time before my alarm clock goes off!

There’s something grounding about finding my way through the rhythms of the day. I get things done and everything seems to just flow better now that I don’t look down at a wristwatch every few minutes. There is something very freeing about moving from morning to afternoon to evening and just getting daily tasks done without trying to force everything into little blocks of minutes. Even better, I don’t feel time pressure nearly as much. I think I may hold off on getting that new watch for a while.

I do wonder, though, how many others would like to try living without their watches a bit. Do you think you could do it?

– Lynn Spencer

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