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True Blood: Season Two Out with a Whimper

truebloodfinale_1_gallery_primaryOnce they wrapped up the Fellowship of the Sun storyline, the season meandered pretty dramatically for me.

Crazy ass psycho bitch Sarah Newlin (acted to perky perfection) and dim bulb Jason just clicked and I loved the wry tone of the storyline.

The maenad, not so much.  Generally speaking, nice people acting mean isn’t a favorite plot device of mine (I always hated the vampire Willow episodes of Buffy) and there was just too much of it.  And, let’s face it, not enough Eric in the final episodes of the season.

Well, and then there was the problem of Maryann and Tara overacting.  Grievously overacting, as a matter of fact.  Most especially Tara who I seriously wanted to put a sock in it.

And then there’s the overacting (or underacting or something like that) on a whole different level of Queen Sophie-Anne, who I am pretty sure flunked out of Acting 101.  (Or it’s also possible, based on her wooden performance, that she never even made it to the first  class.)  Her look was perfect – the hair, makeup and costume design were wonderful.  But that’s about as far as I can go.

As for Sookie and Bill, the proposal scene and its aftermath struck me as a bit contrived.  There is genuine (apparently, very genuine) chemistry between the two and it’s fun to see them together, but, hello, Bill is keeping some very big secrets, yes?  Big Relationship Impediment Ahead.

All in all, for me the season reached a peek around episode 10 and that is what I will remember over the long wait for season three.

So, what was your reaction?

-Sandy AAR

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