Predators Sandy’s recent blog about hot guys got me thinking. Does anyone else like the truly bad bad guys that I enjoy watching? I’ve long amused and confused my friends and family with my preferences, and it would tickle to me to find someone who agrees with me.

Take The Predator, for instance. Yes, he’s evil and merciless and the ripping-out-spines-and-skulls for trophies is really gross, but boy-o-boy is he masculine. That huge chest and muscular thighs, his athletic stunts, the whole raising his trophy above his head and roaring thing he has going on just gets me. Even the crazy dreads are cool. I root for him in every movie.

Another hot bad boy is is Shan Yu from Disney’s Mulan. Yes, I know he’s a nasty Hun, unprincipled, devious and cruel, but I’d much rather watch him than the insipid hero Li Shang. The scenes I enjoy most are where he’s trying to outrun the avalanche on his little pony, riding with all his skill and keeping the pony upright by his strength alone. What a man. The artists who drew him and the actor who is his voice are to be commended.

And what about the head Uruk-hai that battles Aragorn after killing Boromir in The Fellowship of the Ring? OK, yes, he’s filthy and his teeth are appalling, but have you taken a look at those thighs, his entire physique? The actor playing him is truly blessed. What is he in real life? A professional football player? A pro wrestler? I haven’t wanted to check and spoil the mystique. I even feel sorry for the character when Saruman tells him that he’s the product of what used to be elves, tortured and mutilated until deformed. Whatever the character’s origins, watching him in battle is a thing of beauty.

Other ladies can keep their pretty boys. I like the ultra masculine characters no matter how vile.

Anyone else?

– Wendy AAR

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