red mittensI do not watch sports.  Ever.  I’m not a fairweather fan; I’m an indoor unenthusiast.  I did go through a long figure-skating period, which has all but died.  But every four years, I resurrect my dormant sportie.  The time has come again, and in 26 days the Winter Olympics will begin in Vancouver.

For the past few months, Canada has gone Olympic-mad.  I only live in Toronto (which is feeling more than a bit crotchety about the whole thing) and even we’ve caught on to the wintry spirit.  I mean, the last time the Olympics were in the land of poutine was more than 20 years ago, so hey, we’re revelling in it.

I’m kind of bummed – okay, really bummed – that I’ll be on the other side of the world during Canada’s moment of glory.  On the plus side, CTV is running live online coverage of all the events — vive l’internet!  On the down side, it’s not quite the same as seeing your country buy out all the merchandise, and moan about the Americans winning ninety gazillion medals, and live out the feeling that for sixteen days, the world’s eyes are on Canada. 

Oh well.  I’ve caved in and bought the Olympic red mittens (1.5 million pairs sold out in a week, or something ridiculous like that), and when the figure skating and hockey are on I’ll be glued to the computer screen.  Go Team Canada!

Do you watch the Olympics?  If you do, do you prefer the summer or winter ones?  If you don’t, why not?

– Jean AAR

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