Windows7WallpaperAfter freezing regularly (sometimes up to 4 times a session) for the last month or so, last week my computer at home finally gave up. Fortunately, it only did so after I had gotten backups of virtually everything on it. Off it went to the repair service, got a new hard disk, a couple of updated programs, and was returned to me yesterday in better shape than for a long, long time.

I had felt really lonely without it, I am not ashamed to admit. While I was able to use my husband’s notebook, I’m not that fond of typing on a notebook keyboard. And my husband can get very ironic about me not logging out of Amazon at the end of a session – you get the picture.

The gentleman who returned my PC very kindly explained its most important new features to me, but it was all a bit overwhelming, and since then my computer and I have begun the long process of getting acquainted again. Here are some steps on the way:

  • It runs on Windows 7 now. I am not complaining! – it is way faster than Vista, but it does take some getting used to, especially as I skipped Windows XP back then.
  • All my settings in all my favorite programs have disappeared. Gah! I did save my bookmarks, or I would be ready to hit someone now. However, Word for example has a mostly new toolbar up there, and it’s not what I am used to. I haven’t found the time to alter it yet, because of other more pressing issues.
  • For instance: I managed to kill my whole Calibre Library. I just innocently moved the folder with the books away and back again, and now Calibre can’t read them, although they are still there. I am re-entering the books. Individually. Let’s say I am glad I only got my ebookreader back in December.

I have become strongly aware again this last week how important a PC that functions and that is set up the way I like it is for my well-being. When I write on it, I want things to be just so. When I was at university, and not particularly computer-savvy, I permitted some nerd friends of mine to show me some features on my first PC. While doing so, they changed every setting that displeased them, and the second they had left, I changed everything back, locked the computer and hid the key in a drawer for a day. It felt that intrusive. Now I haven’t felt the need to lock this PC so far, but it will take some more time and a lot of work before I am completely comfortable with it. However glad I am that it’s back!

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