Since I’ve been marooned with my 20 something kids and we have just one decent TV right, we’ve been doing a bunch of family TV watching. And, which will surprise no one, it is often a struggle to find something that five adults all wish to watch.

We’re all enjoying The Last Dance but, hey, we’re North Carolinians and Michael Jordan is essentially a god in this state. The Last Dance inspired us to rewatch Space Jam and, man, does that movie hold up. We rewatched Mean Girls, Midnight Run, and Princess Mononoke.  Despite Daniel Craig’s iffy accent, we all liked Knives Out. Just Mercy broke our hearts and, really, everyone should watch it.

But we’re all stuck here–and likely to be here for at least another month–and we need MOAR.

So, hit me. What’s the movie you’ve seen lately?

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