Every year, since 2017, I’ve made a playlist on Spotify of my favorite songs I heard put out that year. Then, in January, I listen to all those songs and pick out the 20 I like best. Those go into a second playlist, the best of that year. That playlist gets added to a bigger playlist called Party On Over The Decades.

This year, I’ve been hearing fewer new songs mostly because I’ve been far fewer places. (I normally find lots of new music using Shazam while traveling or being out and about.) Nevertheless, I’ve thus far added 23 songs to my 2021: Songs That Didn’t Let Me Down playlist. Of those 23, five are definitely going to make it to my Best of 2021 playlist. They are:


Leave the Door Open–could Bruno Mars been any slicker? This reminds me of Earth, Wind, and Fire in heyday.


Montero–my love for Little Nas X is pretty boundless and here, possibly the queerest video to ever hit #1 on the pop charts, he is reigning supreme.

23–I love a good country song and this is one.

Chasing After You–I’m sure I like this song so much in part because Maren and Ryan are a couple in real life. I’m a sap for a true love story!

Lovely Day–I am always a sucker for a good cover and this one is divine.


How about you? What have you been listening to this year?

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