Okay, I’ll admit to being guilty of this, too. Like many readers I know, I tend to talk about settings in terms of what I don’t want to see or what I am tired of seeing. However, I’m curious now to see what people DO want to read. From time to time, we talk historical settings and some folks defend their love of the Regency while some of us wish we could have opportunities to see a little more of the world.

The little poll below is by no means a giant comprehensive list of settings, but there are some ideas to get you started. Just vote and tell us what settings interest you most, and if what you most want to read isn’t on there, comment and tell us what it is. Chances are someone else out there wants to read it, too!

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And let’s not leave out contemporary romances either. We all know small towns are trendy at the moment, but what else do you want to see? Are you all about small town America or do you want to travel other places in your reading, too? Again, this is no comprehensive list, so if you want a setting you don’t see here, comment and add it. Obviously, it would be helpful if you mention whether you’re talking historicals or contemporaries.

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– Lynn Spencer

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