What are you reading?

It’s the first of August–where did this year go?!?! Goodreads tells me I’ve read 54 books this year–I don’t count re-reads which comprise about a third of my reading. I just finished Klara and the Sun which I found jejune, boring, and almost impossible to believe that it was written by Kazuo Ishiguro. Critics have loved it. I most certainly did not. I’ve just started Exiles, the third Aaron Falk book by Aussie best-selling author Jane Harper. Thus far, it’s compelling. I’m always reading a romance–right now it’s Katee Roberts’ An Indecent Proposal. I’d decided, after so many at AAR have raved about it, to read the O’Malleys series. I’ve never been a fan of mob romances but you guys said they were good so I’m giving them a try. They work for me as long as I don’t think very hard about what the characters are really up to–the love stories are luscious and I like how strong all the female leads are.

How about you? What have you read lately?

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