On Friday, a brutal 13 months and 2 days after his diagnosis, one of my closest friends died of Stage Four pancreatic cancer. The last weeks of his life were harrowing for him and we who loved him and I’m thankful he is no longer in pain. But, damn, it’s hard. (2020 really has been the worst year.)

I’m a before bed reader and, lately, I’ve had a hard time sticking with anything. Things that are too light can’t hold my attention but I don’t have the bandwidth for grim. The night of my friend’s death, I wanted a book that dealt with loss but wouldn’t leave me gutted. It needed to have sorrow AND hope, to be a reminder that this too shall pass and that the best way to honor those who have left us is to live.

I chose Serena Bell’s Sleepover and it was just what I needed.

This is, of course, one of fiction’s many gifts–it takes us away from our lives even as it reflects them.

What are you reading now? And if you have recommendations for books that have helped you get through grief, I’d be grateful.



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