What are you reading? Watching? Listening to?

I’ve spent the past two weeks holed up in a rather dingy airbnb with my spouse. (I was exposed to the virus almost three weeks ago and decided to take myself out of circulation.) I’ve been reading, watching TV, and listening to music far more than I normally do. (I’m too old for video games!)

I’ve been reading Grace Draven’s upcoming Dragon Unleashed, which will be released in June. It is set in the same world as her superb Phoenix Unbound (our DIK review is here) and features a healer and a draga. I am enjoying Dragon Unleashed tremendously although it’s more leisurely paced than the first book in the series. I’m also reading Heart and Seoul by Erin Kinsella which is lovely–it was the next pick for my local romance book club.

My husband (he’s a physician and has shuttered his practice for the time being) and I have been obsessively watching Shetland (via Britbox) which, somehow, we’d completely missed. It’s set on the Shetland Islands and stars Douglas Henshall as the most compassionate Detective Inspector on the planet. (He’s the Scottish Tom Hanks if you ask me.) The first couple of seasons–very short–were good but the third and fourth are riveting. (We just started season five.) It’s also one of the most beautifully shot shows I’ve ever seen. I normally have a hard time watching more than an hour of TV a day but we’ve been watching two or three episodes a day and I am grateful it is so diverting.

As for listening, I work every morning to different Spotify playlists. (Right now it’s Feel Good Piano.) I don’t normally work to music, but I’m out of my element here and there’s something terribly comforting about having this unfamiliar space filled with soothing/happy/evocative melodies. And when I walk my dog, I listen to audiobooks. I am almost at the end of Justina Ireland’s Deathless Divide (our DIK review is here) which I am enjoying although not as much as I adored the audiobook of Dread Nation (our DIK review is here).

How about you? What are you reading/watching/listening to?

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