Normally, I’m a rock n’ roll gal. Or pop. Peppy country music is a favorite too. But I also love classical music. And when I am especially stressed, I love the sound of rain. I love the music of a quiet piano or guitar mixed with it. I love the sound of the ocean mixed with music as well. In other words I find water and quiet music very soothing.

The ideal situation would be to sit on the porch on a rainy evening listening to music with a glass of wine. When I can’t bring those circumstances about, Nature Quest CD’s make a nice substitute.


The one above makes for a relaxing wake up background. It’s restful to stretch to as well.

The one below is perfect for letting the day wind down.


What about you? Do you find nature sounds soothing or annoying? Do you ever listen to this type of CD? What soothes after a stress filled day?

– Maggie AAR

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