Thanks to the generosity of publishers and authors, the AAR staff has a wide variety of books they can choose to review. (We don’t assign books–reviewers can pick from our currently available list.) I thought it would be instructive for us to share with you, our readers, the current list of books we could review that are coming out in the next six months. (I can’t swear that all the dates are correct–they change routinely.)

Here you go. Look it over and, in the comments, let us know the books you wish we’d cover. (We are, sadly, limited by our number of reviewers and how much time they can offer to AAR.)

A. S. FenichelNot Even for a Duke9/13/21
Melinda LeighRight Behind Her9/13/21
Robyn LucasPaper Doll Lina: A Novel9/15/21
Christina HovlandThere’s Something About Molly9/19/21
Stephanie GarberOnce Upon a Broken Heart9/27/21
Zoe YorkWild at Heart9/27/21
Lili St. GermainThe Field of Wrongdoing10/12/21
Bronwyn ScottLord Tresham’s Tempting Rival10/13/21
Caitlin CrewsThe Bride He Stole for Christmas10/13/21
Susan HillA Change of Circumstance10/15/21
Sarah LarkThe Legend of Fire Mountain10/15/21
Nina CroftInsurrection10/18/21
Dahlia RoseMistletoe in Juneau10/19/21
Eva DevonThe Wedding Wager10/25/21
Sally HepworthThe Younger Wife10/25/21
Christina HovlandApril May Fall10/26/21
Karen KingsburyForgiving Paris10/26/21
Kelly Jamieson & Garland Grove BooksHate Me Under the Mistletoe10/26/21
Adriana HerreraJust for the Holidays…10/26/21
Michael ConnellyThe Dark Hours 11/9/21
Charlie N. HolmbergStar Mother11/15/21
Constance GillamThe Hookup Dilemma11/16/21
Briana ColeCouples Wanted11/30/21
Kristen AshleyDream Keeper11/30/21
Elle CruzHow to Survive a Modern-Day Fairy Tale11/30/21
Scarlett St. ClairKing of Battle & Blood11/30/21
Louise AllenThe Duke’s Counterfeit Wife11/30/21
Kris RipperThe Life Revamp11/30/21
Jen FrederickSeoulmates12/6/21
Susanna CraigBetter Off Wed12/28/21
Megan CraneBold Fortune12/28/21
Christy CarlyleDuke Gone Rogue12/28/21
Anna BennettGirls Before Earls12/28/21
Emily SullivanThe Rebel and the Rake12/28/21
Allison BrennanThe Sorority Murder12/28/21
Maisey YatesThe True Cowboy of Sunset Ridge12/28/21
Michael RobothamWhen You Are Mine1/4/22
Nikki MayWahala1/5/22
Melanie DobsonThe Winter Rose1/11/22
Rachel Lynn SolomonWeather Girl1/11/22
Jayne Ann KrentzLightning in a Mirror1/18/22
Anita KellyLove & Other Disasters1/18/22
Lauren LayneMade in Manhattan1/18/22
Kaira RoudaSomebody’s Home1/18/22
Lauren AccardoBold Love1/25/22
Cathy MaxwellHis Lessons on Love1/25/22
Kianna AlexanderCarolina Built2/1/22
Francine RiversThe Lady’s Mine2/8/22
Hester FoxA Lullaby for Witches2/15/22
Rebecca RossA River Enchanted2/15/22
Bethany MangleAll the Right Reasons2/15/22
Deanna RaybournAn Impossible Impostor2/15/22
Falon BallardLease on Love2/15/22
Minka KentUnmissing2/15/22
Jane AshfordEarl on the Run2/22/22
Vanessa LenOnly a Monster2/22/22
Eva LeighThe Good Girl’s Guide to Rakes2/22/22
Harper St. GeorgeThe Lady Tempts an Heir2/22/22
Sophie JordanThe Rake Gets Ravished2/22/22
Jennifer ProbstThe Secret Love Letters of Olivia Moretti2/22/22
Paige TylerTrue Wolf2/22/22
Lynn PainterMr. Wrong Number3/1/22
Lisa BarrWoman on Fire3/1/22
Libby HubscherIf You Ask Me3/8/22
Debbie JohnsonThe Moment I Met You3/8/22
Trish DollerThe Suite Spot3/8/22
Amanda ElliotSadie on a Plate3/15/22
Loreth Anne WhiteThe Patient’s Secret3/15/22
Ellen AlpstenThe Tsarina’s Daughter3/15/22
Josie SilverOne Night on the Island3/24/22
Jenn BennettAlways Jane3/29/22
Jesse Q. SutantoFour Aunties and a Wedding3/29/22
Jenny ColganWelcome to the School by the Sea3/29/22
Lorraine HeathGirls of Flight City4/5/22


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