OK, the ship you were on sank and you and the island partner of your dreams managed to make it safely to a remote island with no hope of immediate rescue. However, when you were jumping into the only raft that made it–with aforementioned castaway hottie–you were able to grab ONE book, ONE album, and ONE movie. (Fortunately, your raft had a generator, a CD player, and a TV with built in DVD player on it. WORK WITH ME PEOPLE!)

What would you take? Why? And no damn collected works or box sets allowed!

I’ll go first.

Book: A. S. Byatt’s Possession

It’s got it all: poetry, prose, extremely dense writing, and a serpentine plot. It’s not set in my world, so it wouldn’t constantly remind me of all the stuff I was missing. It values, above all, our honest hearts and reminds me of what really matters: home, love, family. And presumably this would inspire me to figure out how to get off the damn island and return to those who love me or it would convince me to create those things with my fellow refugee.


Album: The Very Best of Mozart

While I normally listen to modern music–by which I mean anything recorded from the year of my birth onward–I adore classical music, especially for thinking. I’ve always loved Mozart who I find more consistently accessible than Beethoven or Bach. There’s a variation in a best of disc that I think would help keep it from getting repetitive and perhaps listening endlessly to classical music would inspire me to write lyrics for the notes and that sounds like a good activity when stuck on a desert island.

Movie: Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki

I love this movie and, despite having seen it several times, always find something new to admire about it upon each viewing. It’s visually rather like spending several hours at a museum where all the art is gorgeous and its score is perfect. Much of what one sees on the screen has several layers of meaning making it endlessly intellectually engaging. And, again, it’s not the world I’d be currently severed from so I think it would be less likely to depress me.

How about you? What one book, movie, album would you take?

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