Whatcha reading?

I read two to three books a week.. Goodreads tells me that this year I’ve read 45 books–this is probably low as I don’t keep track of re-reads. I’ve tried some new authors–Kate Canterbary, Leigh Bardugo, Trish Dollar, and Louise Candlish–as well as authors I’ve enjoyed in the past–Kelly Bowen,  Cate C. Wells, Dervla McTiernan, and others. My favorite books thus far have been everything I’ve read by Bardugo–Ninth House is AMAZING–Trish Dollar’s Beck Sisters duo, and Sascha Rothchild’s Blood Sugar. (I am writing a review of this–if you liked Gone Girl or Where the Crawdads Sing and think Carl Hiaasen is funny you should read this.)

Currently, I’m reading an ARC of Spells for Forgetting by Adrienne Young. Though I’ve not read her previously, Young is wildly successful YA author–I believe Spells for Forgetting is her first non-YA.  I’m also reading Lisa Jewel’s The Family Upstairs which somehow I missed. This turned out to make the sequel, The Family Remains, somewhat confusing although Jewel is always an absorbing read. When I’m done with these, my next read will be… I don’t know.

You tell me–what should I read next? And what have you been reading?

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