What’s–currently–your favorite movie?

When I’m with someone I don’t know that well and the conversation lags, I love to ask them: What’s your favorite movie?

Most of the time, people think a moment and then say they don’t have a favorite movie but, if they had to pick they’d say __________________. Then they ask me for mine. 

I say, well, that’s tough but, right now it’s probably ________________. My answer has changed over time–for years I’d have said The Sound of Music. For the past decade, I usually pick Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous but lately I’ve also thrown Body Heat (I could watch it just for Ted Danson and baby Mickey Rourke!), About Time, Your Name, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and Spirited Away into the mix. 

I love movies but, in the past five years, I’ve struggled to find films worth watching. The most recent film I truly loved is, I think, CODA

How about you? What is your favorite movie? And what recent releases have you loved? 

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