My father in law received a tablet for Christmas. Since then I have played numerous games of Words with Friends and Draw Something with him. I also play my brother in law but since he is a nasty cheat :-) I don’t like to think about that. Those are the only games I play right now and family are the only people I play because honestly, it is way too easy to lose hours to internet games. But I would love to have the time to explore more games.

Lots of people I know have been playing Candy Crush Saga. Others have apparently built alternate lives in Farmville. My oldest son loves to play Angry Birds: Star Wars on his iPhone. My dad has stuck to old school and can play hours of solitaire on his computer. My neices and nephew like 21 Questions on Facebook. I’ll be honest and say these games can be thoroughly addictive for me. They are just so darn fun and many, many tens of minutes can pass as I try to come up with the perfect word that will help me beat my opponent. And they are also convenient. I don’t have to be right in front of the person to play them. They can take their time to come up with a response and I can take mine and neither of us has to wait in “real time” on the other.

What about you? Do you play any on line games? If so, which ones?

– Maggie AAR

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