39985940I’m currently under the influence of my very first book series addiction.  I don’t like it.  It’s what I think about constantly; just like an obsession.  I wonder if it’s normal and if others experience this feeling.  I actually know the publication date of the next book and I’m counting down the days.  I really am beginning to question whether or not I can take the wait.  There have been other series books I’ve enjoyed and continued, but never anticipated to this degree.

The book that I’m so eagerly awaiting is Karen Marie Moning’s Dreamfever, the fourth installment in her Fever series. I reviewed Faefever last year and while I enjoyed it, the ending gave me fits – I literally threw what I refer to as a book temper tantrum.  However, Faefever is one of those books that just stuck with me for some reason. I couldn’t get it out of my head and have reread it several times.

When Amazon offered a free Kindle download of Moning’s Darkfever, the first in the Fever series, I jumped on the offer and consumed it in less than a day and was left with so many more questions than answers.  I immediately tried to download Bloodfever, the second in the series, but was unable to due to a lack of whisper net service where I was visiting at the time.  I didn’t know such places existed, but now I do and needless to say I threw another tempter tantrum (we get so used to instant gratification – such a shame).  It’s my favorite of the series because the sexual tension between Barrons and Mac is amped up and there’s some jealously issues between Barrons and V’lane that make me quite happy.  And of course, I had to follow Bloodfever by yet another reading of Faefever.

I love these books because of the mystery and the characters.  The colliding of the Fae world and the human world and the interaction and tension between Mac, Barrons, and V’lane is intense.  At first, I didn’t like Mac, but her tenacity and grit grew on me.  I like that Jericho Barrons isn’t a nice guy hero and the fact I question whether he’s a hero at all.  I like that he’s jealous of the other men that vey for Mac’s attention.  Though I complain, I like that I can end a book with more questions than I had at the beginning.  I like that there’s a whole lot of sexual tension and very little sex.   I enjoy that the foreshadowing makes me question everything.

Now I have so many questions running through my mind and I can barely stand the wait.  Who is Jericho Barrons? What is the Lord Master?  Will Mac and Barrons ever get together?  What about V’lane and Christian MacKeltar?  Who killed Mac’s sister?  Who killed the detective? Who is the person behind the IYD number? Why did Faefever have to end the way it did?  Why can’t we have a preview of Dreamfever?  Can Mac really trust Barrons?

When I went of Moning’s website, I discovered many more aspects of the series to question and very few answers.  I also discovered the message boards and the fan base referred to as the Moning Maniacs.  I now know that I’m not alone in my obsession, though I still question the rationality of the whole thing.   All I can tell you for sure it that my nerves and pocketbook can’t take another addiction!

Do you ever become “obsessed” with book series? If so, which ones and why?

-Heather AAR

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