soft_socks_relaxingI know that I’ve said it before, but just to bring the point home, I’m going to say it yet again – I hate cold weather.  I know hate is a strong word, but come January and February, that’s what I honestly begin to feel toward the Winter months.  However, to make the cold bearable, there are certain things I must have, or what I like to refer to as my winter staples.

The first of these staples are my warm, pink, fuzzy socks.  By the end of Winter, they’ll basically have to be condemned, but right now they’re still going strong and keeping my toes warm and toasty.  Just the way I like ’em. I also must add that my husband hates these socks, even though he bought them for me and buys me new ones every season.  My second favorite winter commodity are my multiple pairs of flannel pajamas.  In combination with my fuzzy socks, it makes quite the sexy combination – yea, right.  However, I could care less because, again, I’m warm and toasty and that’s all that matters.  In the winter, my bed becomes a very important place to me.  I love my thick sheets and a velour blanket that I purchased years ago.  They make lazy days inside completely worth it. 

And finally, the last of my winter staples is hot tea.  Although I’m a Southern girl, I’m not much of a tea drinker, except for in the Winter.  There’s almost nothing better than curling up with my blanket, in my flannel pajamas and fuzzy socks, with a nice cup of hot tea on a cold, Winter’s night.

Other than thoughts of Spring, what gets you through Winter?

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