USAThis is a completely gratuitous post and I’m slightly embarrassed to even post it.  Slightly.  At least not enough to keep me from posting. 

Until the United States v. England soccer match I had never before watched an entire professional soccer game.    However, when my husband sat down to watch that game, I decided to spend a little time with him and watch it too and I have to admit I’m certainly glad I did.  I’m hooked.  Matter of fact, yesterday I watched bits and pieces of three games and today I plan to watch at least two. 

The reason I’m enjoying the World Cup isn’t because I enjoy the game (although I do) or because I’m a hard core fan (go USA!).  I wish my reasons were that noble.  It’s simply because of all the very attractive athletes participating in the games (and I’m trying to be polite as I word this piece).  Color me surprised when I tuned in and discovered that fact.  So far my absolute favorite is Cristiano Ronaldo followed by Landon Donovan and Tim Howard but there are so many others whose names I can’t quite remember. 

I dread the fact that teams are now beginning to be eliminated from play because it means there will be less teams to watch and so far I really enjoyed the spirit of the international competition.  Although I can’t even pretend to understand all the rules (why do they add minutes to the end of the games?!), I’m learning as I go and I’ve been introduced to a new professional sport.  I’m a little envious of those countries where soccer is big. It makes me wish professional soccer were a big deal in the United States because I’m going to miss it when it’s over.   

AAR Heather

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