World Reading Habits During Covid

Have you been reading more in 2020?

Because of coronavirus and the lockdowns, we’re spending more time at home than we’re used to.

For many people, it was the perfect opportunity to dive into some great books.

Global English Editing wanted to find out exactly how the world’s reading habits stacked up in 2020 versus previous years.

Which countries read the most? How did coronavirus change our reading habits? What were we reading in 2020?

They answered these questions in their epic infographic on world reading habits in 2020.

Some of the key highlights of their infographic include:

  • India, China and Thailand read more than any other country

  • Printed books remain far more popular than digital or audio books, although the gap narrowed this year (not surprisingly)

  • Romance is the most popular genre and not just with women.

  • 35% of people reported they read more books this year because of coronavirus

To learn more fun facts about world reading habits in 2020, check out the infographic below.


Isabel Cabrera
Communications Manager
Global English Editing & The Expert Editor
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