Canada-post-strike1For almost a month, Canada Post has been on strike, off and on, and we’ve had no mail nationally for the last ten days of the strike. But last Wednesday, the government forced them back to work. And you know what? I didn’t really miss it.

I pay my bills online. I view my bank statements online. And I look at my phone credit online. I do correspond with a very few friends by letter, but nowhere near a frequency that would have me regret a month’s loss of postal service. The only thing I missed, actually, was one parcel of AAR review books.

I understand that charities and small businesses were hurt the most by the strike, but I don’t rely on Canada Post to conduct my personal business, and neither do a lot of Canadians. The strike, and the lack of backlash, has raised questions regarding the necessity of a national postal service.

I think there’s still a need, but it’s shrinking every day. The postal service is for communication, and there are so many other avenues now that don’t require a lick and a stamp. I’d be sad to see it go, but that’s nostalgia rather than practicality speaking.

Would you be affected by a nation-wide postal strike? Do you think there’s a future for the postal service?

– Jean AAR

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