Author-Penned Articles (& Write Bytes)

histbutAdele Ashworth: Keeping It In Perspective: Author vs. Reviewer vs. Reader

histbutTami Cowden: We Need a Hero – A Look at the Eight Hero Archetypes

histbutTerry Stellini The Moon, the Stars, & All that Love!

Guest ATBF Columns:

Karyn Witmer (aka Elizabeth Grayson) (2006)

Susan Grant (2000)

Julia Quinn (1997)

Women, Sex, & Sexuality in Romance

histbutMary Balogh on The Ho

histbutTracy Grant on The Ho and the Skank

histbutAdele Ashworth on Her Virgin Widow

histbutMary Reed McCall on The Faux Ho & Sexual Reality in Romance

histbutAnne Stuart on Female Sexual Archetypes

histbutLucy Blue on the Fake Skank and Sexual Reality in Romance

histbutMarsha Canham on The Big Gulp

What is a Romance Novel?

The HEA Ending

The HEA Ending – Part Two

The HEA Ending – Part Three

Write Bytes: Mini-articles on a Single Subject (reverse chronology)


[fusion_accordion divider_line=”no” class=”” id=””][fusion_toggle title=”From 2004 ” open=”no”]Alina Adams – Love in the Afternoon

Chick Lit Roundtable with Jacqueline deMontravel, Laura Caldwell, Meg Cabot, Caren Lissner, Jessica Benson, and MaryJanice Davidson[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”From 2003 ” open=”no”]Donna Kauffman – The Cabin Romance

Shana Abe – The Allure of the Medieval Romance

Tracy Cooper-Posey – The Dark Ages

[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”From 2002 ” open=”no”]Anne Gracie, Connie Brockway, Katherine Sutcliffe, and Kasey Michaels – Romance Thieves

Donna Simpson – What a Writer Owes Her Readers

Jo Beverley, Mary Balogh, and Dianne Farr on Regencies in Disguise

Sally Tyler Hayes – The Guardian/Ward Romance

Suzanne Brockmann – The Company that Sells You Series Romance

Tracy Cooper-Posey – The Dangers of Electronic Communication

Eileen WIlks – The Idea of [of Anger on the Internet] Is Preposterous[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”From 2001 ” open=”no”]Kathleen O’Reilly – The Napoleonic Wars

Staci Stallings – What Women Really Want

Kathleen Nance – I Don’t Read That!

Dee Henderson – How to Write a Good Story

Julia Justiss, Marsha Canham, and Mary Balogh – Following the Drum

Linda Francis Lee – The Gilded Age

Virginia Kantra – You Can’t Write That in a Category Romance

Patricia Rice – Reviews

Susan Krinard on Shapeshifters[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”From 2000 ” open=”no”]Chris Gilson – Reader Feedback

Jo Beverley – Authors & the Internet

Greywolf the Wanderer – The Tuatha De Danaan

Greywolf the Wanderer – The Druids

Geralyn Dawson – Creativity & the Business of Writing

Emma Holly – Erotica and Romance

Amy Fetzer – Brisk Story Telling

Diane Farr – Regency Language: A Primer

Alison Kent – Who’s on First?

Suzanne Brockmann – On Creating Memorable Characters

Stephanie Bond – Pushing the Envelope

Adele Ashworth – Why We Really Read Romance

Katherine Sutcliffe – Editors & Writing

Rebecca Sinclair – Mary, Queen of Scots

Carrie Alexander – So Many Cowboys…So Little Rope

Laura Leone aka Laura Resnick – A Life of Glamour[/fusion_toggle][/fusion_accordion]

[fusion_accordion divider_line=”no” class=”” id=””][fusion_toggle title=”From 1999 ” open=”no”]Catherine Mulvany – The Writer’s Secret Weapon

Laura Lynn Leffers – Reviews

Robin Schone – Masturbation, Wanton Women, & Other Romance No-Nos

Jennifer Archer – Writing Romantic Comedy

Melinda McRae – The Regency Period

Georgia Bockoven – Someone Cue the Bluebirds

Ana Leigh – The Western

Elizabeth Thornton – Intriguing Characters & Villains[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”From 1998″ open=”no”]Eileen Charbaonneau – The Warrior Poet

Theresa Weir – Anti-Heroes

Cathy Maxwell – The Romance Relationship

Susan Krinard – Paranormal Characters

Andrea Kane – Conflict in Romance

Jo Beverley – The Norman Conquest

Jo Beverley – The Georgian Period

Shirley Hailstock – Being a Pioneer

Mary Jo Putney & Karen Harbaugh – Faerie v Fairy

Nancy Gideon aka Dana Ransom aka Rosalyn West – Writing a Series

Claire Delacroix aka Claire Cross – Medieval Romance & The Fairy Tale

Laura DeVries aka Laura Gordon – The Art of Subtle Sensuality

Stephanie Laurens – The Hero as Pursuer

Barbara Samuel aka Ruth Wind – The Appeal of Everything Irish

Barbara Freethy – Romances with a Twist

Debra Dier – Creating Chemistry that Sizzles

The Pinocchio Syndrome

Cynthia Lawrence aka Angelica Hart – Electronic Publishing: Catch the Wave!

Eileen Charbonneau – Out of Their Time & Into Our Hearts

Margaret Brownley – 1800’s Historicals

Ann Josephson aka Sara Jarrod – Ghostly Romance[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”From 1997 ” open=”no”]Cheryl St. John – The Western Romance

Kate Moore – Regencies v Historicals

Susan Andersen – Romantic Suspense

Stephanie Mittman – The Allure of the Americana Romance

Chelley Kitzmiller – The Allure of the “Indian” romance

Susan Wiggs – Feeding the Soul

Linda Madl – The Allure of Scotland

Paula Detmer Riggs – Writing Taboo Subjects

Peggy Moreland – The Allure of Category Romance

Kathleen Eagle – Reviewing

Alexis Harrington – Movies & Books

Connie Brockway – Context

Denee Cody – Researching

Casey Claybourne – Launching a Line

Karen Ranney – The Allure of the Two-Hanky Read

Marsha Canham – Writing Pirate Romance

Marsha Canham – Writing the Legend

Stef Ann Holm – Covers

Elizabeth Grayson – Strong Heroines

Marg Reisley – Sexual Tension

Laura Hayden – Romance & the Movies

Judith Bowen – From Friends to Lovers

Sharon and Tom Curtis aka Laura London – Team Writing

Julia Quinn – Friendship in Romance

Suzanne Brockmann – An Ode to Alpha Heroes

A Different Look at Dark Heroes

Jaclyn Reding – Writing the Restoration

Deb Stover – Time Travel Romance

Elaine Coffman – Writing a Series of Related Books

Julie Moffett – Genre Jumping

Rae Muir -The Road Romance[/fusion_toggle][fusion_toggle title=”From 1996 ” open=”no”]Barbara Samuel – The Mid-list Crisis

Sharon Ihle – The Mail-Order Bride

Adrienne Basso – Libraries & Romance

Patricia Gaffney – Reader Criticism

Rebecca Sinclair – The Less-Than-Beautiful Heroine

Amanda Ashley – The Vampire Romance

Deborah Simmons – Humor in Romance

Karen Harbaugh – The Regency[/fusion_toggle][/fusion_accordion]