I am not for sure, but I think I just came across this song accidentally on youtube.  Since that time it has become a daily recurring ear worm which has resulted in me watching this scene ten times more than I ever watched the whole movie.

One reason is the overriding theme that in every nice girl there is a bad girl waiting to break out for just the right guy. And what guy wouldn’t want to think that he has so much appeal that this woman is willing to walk on the wild side for him?

The other is the confidence that bad girls project. There is nothing more appealing than that. Of course it can be a facade, but it gets the job done.  And don’t many of us wing it at times, covering up our doubts and insecurities?  Plus I like the fact that Sandy goes after what she wants.  She is not shy about what she needs.

It is interesting too, that having this type of boldness is related to a piece of clothing or object.  For Sandy it is the skintight outfit – which would still be considered sexy today.  Other things that come to mind are piercings – tongue rings, navel rings etc or tattoos. Every woman should have something that makes her feel confident, sexy and a little wild.

Stories about bad girls are one of my favorites.  It can be bad girls turned good like in Ain’t She Sweet or a good girl hiding behind a bad girl persona in It Had to Be You – both books are by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

How about you?  Do you enjoy this fantasy?  If not is there another one that appeals to you?

– Leigh AAR

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