wax seals2

A recent thread at AAR on the lost art of cursive writing got me thinking about snail mail. I’ve always had horrible handwriting. In fact, the only grade of C I ever received in school was for a cursive writing class. I practiced, and practiced, but could never improve my writing.

Despite my awful handwriting, in pre-email days, I regularly sent letters to far-away friends. To cover up the state of my handwriting, I would decorate the letters with all kinds of things. Stickers and leaf imprints (and I don’t even recall how to do these) were among my favorites, but each and every letter had to have a wax seal on the outside of the envelope.

Back then, I had a lovely collection of seals (flowers, fairies, initials, etc.) as well as wax in every color imaginable. Those seals were lost years ago, about the same time I wrote my last letter.

However, while I don’t write letters anymore, I do regularly send cards to friends and family.  These cards — generally with a personal note included — are also afflicted with my horrible handwriting. I’m thinking it’s time to get a new collection of seals and wax to decorate my notes. But what else could I use?

Do any of you still send letters or notes through snail mail? If so, do you decorate them in any way?