red-sofaI’ve resisted for a number of years, but have finally realized it’s time to do it. Yes, I  absolutely, positively must replace my old living room furniture.

My sofa and loveseat looked quite nice when I originally purchased them. But they’ve finally started to show their age. No matter how many new pillows I place on them, the  basic furniture is just looking a bit too worn. I try to be frugal, so shelling out money for a new sofa hurts. But it’s long past time when a slipcover will do the trick.

This time, I want to be a bit smarter than I was before in my furniture shopping. Because sadly, while my sofa looked nice when I first purchased it, it was never quite as comfortable as I’d hoped. I can remember sitting in it a number of times in the store, but once in my home, it just wasn’t everything I wanted. But I made it last. Boy did I make it last. The furniture has now moved into the definitely too squishy territory.

So this time around I want to be smarter. I’m ready for a new color (perhaps red?) and I’m definitely ready for a new comfort level. I’m thinking that instead of a sofa and loveseat, I might go for something like the design in the picture above, with a nice comfy accent chair.

Does anyone have any furniture-buying tips they’d like to share? Anything I should particularly look for? Anything I should avoid?


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