AAR’s 2022 numbers for queer and AoC romances

According to an oft cited study by the romance bookstore The Ripped Bodice, in 2022 12.3% of romances published last year were written by authors of color. For the last few years, I’ve shared AAR’s 2022 numbers for reviews of books written by non-white authors. (Note that these reviews are not limited to books published in 2022–there are the numbers for the books we reviewed in 2022.)

I used our Power Search Beta to look at our numbers. This means I relied on tags, so if a book wasn’t tagged correctly, my numbers will reflect that.

In 2022, AAR published 448 book reviews. Of these 30% were DIKS. 16% of our reviews featured books written by authors of color and 6% of our DIKs were by authors of color.

We also continued to cover non-het books robustly. 20% of our reviews featured queer leads as did 7% of our DIKs.

Books written by and/or featuring non-white and/or non-het people were well represented in our Best of 2022 book lists as well.


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