According to Wikipedia, there are around 2700 or so billionaires in the world. Several of them are determined, after mastering our world, to take their empires to other worlds. Many a critic has said, good, get lost, we don’t need no stinking uber uber uber rich guys. Here at AAR, however, we’re slightly positive about romances featuring billionaires. Of the 24 books we’ve reviewed with billionaire in the title, two have been DIKs, fourteen have gotten Bs, six have gotten Cs, and two have gotten Ds. We’ve not reviewed a book with billionaire since November of 2020 and of the 114 books out for review right now, none feature leads with assets in the ten+ figures.

Dukes, even in the Regency era, were a rarer thing. There were never, according to most, more than 40. AAR has reviewed 229 books featuring Dukes–twelve just this year–37 of which have gotten DIKs. Two more are currently scheduled for review.

In both cases, I’ve only looked at books with billionaire and Duke in the title. I’d hazard there are at least two hundred other books starring Dukes and at least a few more with billionaires.

What do you think about books with billionaires? Ones with Dukes? Love one? Hate the other? Hate the both? Love both? And, if you can, share titles you’ve read and why you liked or loathed them.

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