Because, truth be told, I don’t think I am. When LynnAAR sent around her request for Buried Treasures from all of the AAR staff, I racked my brain (I don’t keep a book list) and realized that I hadn’t read anything that would qualify.

Why not? Well, I’m jealous of my reading time.  With work and my responsibilities to AAR, leisure time is sparse and there’s a lot competing for my leisure attention.  Would I rather read a book by an author I’m not sure about or play it safer with an author I already know and love?  The safe bet wins almost every time.

And, gee, what about TV?  Would I rather take a chance on a book or catch up on episodes of Angry Boys?

Digital downloads have changed far more than the world of books.  Now with my Roku player, I have access to almost every movie or TV show ever made — and that’s a whole lot different from the VCR days when I had only what I’d taped and the limited availability of my local video store.  Want to watch the British version of The Office again?  I can.  That and a whole lot more.

So, back to my dilemma.  With so much competing for my attention during my leisure time, it’s getting tougher and tougher to make the cut.  And that leaves me the odd woman out when it comes to things like Buried Treasures.

Obviously, I do read new authors, but that’s after hearing significant buzz about somebody who’s too good to miss.  I discovered Sherry Thomas and Elizabeth Hoyt that way and I’m very glad I did.  Now, they’ve taken their place of my list of tried and trues.  But, am I missing some good stuff?  Absolutely.  I’m certain of it.

So, that leaves me in the unadventurous category of reader.  And for the most part I’m okay with this.  I’m a far more adventurous TV watcher than I am a reader — I love offbeat comedies like Summer Heights High. I’m also a big drama fan.  I loved The Hour on BBC America and, while I think I’m finally done with American Idol, I’m totally hooked on The Voice.  Thanks to digital downloads I can watch all these great shows on my time.

And it’s definitely cutting into my reading time, leaving me in that unadventurous reader category.

What about you?

– Sandy AAR

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